Joe Elliott - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge 2008 (photo by Andrew MacPherson) (3)


MissKathy45 12/02/12 2012 04:42:25 AM

STILL the sexiest man alive :)

Rosemarie Dan DeRosa 01/20/13 2013 02:56:46 PM

You are so hot ..... always been my favorite......have watched all of your interviews and videos where ever I can find are truly an accomplished man ..... I knew when I watched you in hour younger days the passion you have for your music ..... in fact I still find it amusing when Sav stated you had this imaginary band and even had a name for it....keep rockin Joe.....missed your concert on Long Island 2012... hope you can make it back here soon......xoxoxo. <3

Rosemarie Dan DeRosa 01/20/13 2013 02:58:02 PM