Live at Sheffield


passionfeast 09/19/12 2012 08:28:00 AM

This beautiful photo is a still from the video of the live Sheffield, England show. I did the still, Joe provided the smile .
Hope you enjoy it;

Dana Lynne 09/28/12 2012 04:10:17 PM

I love this picture, I love the whole Wapentake show! His face almost glows when he smiles.

Cat Scott 10/01/12 2012 07:36:15 PM

he's such a beautiful human being

Cindy C 10/19/12 2012 03:54:02 AM

Way to go LisaKay my friend. You do great work. Im so glad I met a fellow Tennesseean and the same county on Facebook. That's just cool. Love your pictures. ((((HUGS)))) Beautiful eyes. Wow!!! The bedroom kind ;)

Jennifer Beach 07/19/13 2013 04:06:30 PM

Joe is SO HOT!!!! I've had a huge crush on him since he wore those ripped up jeans in the 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' video. It has been my favorite song and video since then. Can we clone him so that I can have one of him for myself?!?!