Summer Tour 2013
Date Location Venue Tickets
Clisson, France HellFest Buy Tickets
San Sebastian, Spain Donosti Arena Buy Tickets


Barcelona, Spain Poble Espanyol Buy Tickets


Madrid, Spain Vistalegre Buy Tickets


Santiago De Compostela, Spain Fontes Do Sa Buy Tickets


Helsingborg, Sweden Sofiero Castle Buy Tickets
Uppsala, Sweden Vaksala Torg Buy Tickets
Skanevik, Norway Rock Festival
Calgary, Canada Fort Calgary (Stampede Roundup Festival) Buy Tickets

On Sale 6 May

Québec City, Canada Plaines d'Abraham Buy Tickets
Gilford, New Hampshire Meadowbrook Amphitheatre Buy Tickets


Canandaigua, New York Performing Arts Center: CMAC Buy Tickets

w/ Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators


Kimberly Robbie 04/16/13 2013 03:29:14 AM

please, please, please come back to Western Canada! Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver! We LOVE YOU up here!!! Love "Kim from Canada"

jareds 04/16/13 2013 07:09:39 PM

Come to calgary i havnt seen you guys since 2007 and thats way to long

Tami Stockton 04/16/13 2013 08:06:55 PM

Let's Do Some More, Phoenix, AZ PLEASE!!!

MetalJ 04/17/13 2013 03:19:17 PM

Saw the band twice last year!! Looking forward to seeing the band again in Canandaigua!!! Hope to see some old friends and looking forward to meeting new ones!!!!

joesjules 04/19/13 2013 05:31:33 AM

I'm chomp'n at the bit to see them for the 10th time!

Lisa Hilyard Stanchfield 04/21/13 2013 06:03:11 PM

Would love to see you guys in CT again!
Loved the videos from Vegas!

Icestorm2014 04/24/13 2013 05:31:17 PM

Please come back to Dallas! That concert was kickass! Definitely the best sweet 16 birthday present ever!!!

Jeffrey Peter 04/29/13 2013 06:45:59 PM

Come back to Colorado

JulieZ 04/29/13 2013 09:38:54 PM

Please, please, please come back to Raleigh, NC! I miss you guys@

Lisa Hilyard Stanchfield 05/01/13 2013 10:14:20 PM

Hoping to see you guys in Connecticut this year! Need my Lep fix!
Listen to Mirror ball all the time since its LIVE!

Jodes 05/02/13 2013 04:11:59 AM

Jereds, I guess you'll be happy to know July 10th is the date they are returning to Calgary, AB.

Anyone know who the opener is?

pxvang16 05/02/13 2013 09:10:05 PM

Please come back to California. LA area or Bay area please!!!!

annerz 05/07/13 2013 04:57:53 AM

Please come to Phoenix!!!!! <3

pxvang16 05/07/13 2013 01:40:25 PM

Come back to Los Angeles, CA

Sheryl Harris 05/08/13 2013 05:38:03 PM

Please consider coming to Kingston Ontario We have a sweet venue here and the city would love to have you. We need a Rockin Good band to play here this summer and you guys would do it !!!

Kim Vorell 05/09/13 2013 08:00:46 PM

You have to come to Cleveland. I go to all of you concerts.

Karoliina 05/10/13 2013 11:34:31 AM

How about Finland? :) would LOVE to see U guys!

Maya Switch625.Def Lepparder 05/12/13 2013 02:06:22 PM

I'm a very huge fun of you
And I'm Wondering if you can preform your Concert Here in Norway-Oslo
You know it's my dream to see you live.. :) Thanks.
Love you so much :).

gtgoge 05/17/13 2013 07:00:09 PM

Pour some sugar in Mansfield Ma Comcast (Boston) ‘cause Armageddon it close to Hysteria and need to Rock Rock till I drop!! I’ll be Bringin on the Heartbreak ‘cause I think I may Miss you in a Heartbeat, so
don’t let it be Too Late for Love……Please ……….Let’s Get Rocked in Mansfield !!

cornellkelly 05/22/13 2013 06:58:55 PM

PLEASE add Omaha,Nebraska to your summer tour. I am still somewhat of a "metalhead" & still enjoy listening to your classic songs like "Rock of ages", "Photograph" & "Foolin'". Please consider it.

pockets 05/23/13 2013 12:40:31 PM

Its like a tease coming back to Calgary :( was sooooo excited you were coming here but none of us "regular" people can get tickets, only the big corporate guys who sponsor the stampede, please do another concert for everyone else while you are here we miss you since the last concert here was cancelled

VCJENO1FAN 05/23/13 2013 11:00:06 PM

You guys are the BEST in concert, Buffalo is waiting on you to rock our world again in 2013!!

Jamie Newton 05/25/13 2013 07:30:38 PM

Come back over to the U.K we all miss you !!!

Def Leppard Always 05/25/13 2013 09:49:24 PM

Please come back to Raleigh!Love Ya Susan from N.C.

Dawnmarie Hotchkiss-Aasen 05/30/13 2013 03:59:21 AM

Hope to see you in Fargo ND, haven't been here since 2006.

Kristina Mirell 06/07/13 2013 11:30:20 PM

PlEASE come to Jones Beach, NY!!!(Wantagh) You've been there many times before! Haven't seen you guys in YEARSSSS, omg, it might be 20 years!

Kellijean Cornell 06/08/13 2013 12:28:45 AM

PLEASE add Omaha, NE to your summer tour. LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!! And I'm not the only one that thinks u should come to Omaha either.

Karen Wroblewski 06/11/13 2013 08:47:29 PM

A message for my favorite person in the whole world right now. Vivian I will pray for you every day for a speedy recovery. You're amazing, especially for someone who WAS NOT TAUGHT HOW TO PLAY GUITAR. God Bless you, and I would just LOVE to meet you next time you visit Buffalo. With love from a devoted fan Karen

Jeanne Smith 06/16/13 2013 05:43:54 PM

When are you coming to California?

Steve Miller 06/17/13 2013 08:04:29 PM

Please come back to the UK seen you live 63 times want number 64 now, you rock better every time you are awesome!!!!

Giadaaaa 06/20/13 2013 01:13:47 PM

please come in italy to do a concert because i love your group, in spain and in france are lot of km to my home!!!!
i love you

Sheri Rogers- Gould 06/21/13 2013 11:45:42 PM

are u coming back to western Washington

Leppard1972 06/23/13 2013 10:05:29 PM

Please come to Toronto.. PLEASE!!!!

j3nn1f3r 06/24/13 2013 05:39:52 AM

Hope you guys decide to tour USA in 2014. You have lots of dedicated fans who still love your music. Please consider coming to Nashville, TN aka Music City USA!

Donna Sassano 06/24/13 2013 05:57:19 PM

Chicago Love you and wants you to come back

Arachnid 06/25/13 2013 10:57:27 PM

Come to Sydney, Australia!


Rock on!

Kevin Knudsen 07/05/13 2013 02:43:44 AM

Please come back to Phoenix, AZ.

David Payton 07/07/13 2013 04:36:26 PM

ive followed def leppard since on through the night,i finally have the chance to come an see you guys and your only doing upper north America,any chance you will come to the southern east coast of the us?If DL comes down south I will most certainly come and see you and it will be my first time you guys have been inspirational throughtout my life if you don't come .well thanks for helping keep my head up through life

Melissa Mcilroy 07/18/13 2013 09:42:34 AM

Please come back to Newcastle Australia. I saw u when u played there in 2011 and 2008.

Kimberly Robbie 07/20/13 2013 01:29:38 AM

Thanks guys for making my dream to see you again near my home come true! The Calgary Stampede show was a fabulous one! Viva Hysteria was also unforgettable! Luv you guys :)

Lisa Miller Ford 07/22/13 2013 08:44:32 PM


suhail0676 07/27/13 2013 07:55:42 PM

What happened with FLORIDA this year!??? I was waiting!!! Suhail

Kthet420 07/28/13 2013 06:13:49 PM

Only 2 US spots,how bout a trip to Seattle,WA I'd love to see you guys

Nigel Paul Wilkinson 07/31/13 2013 05:34:15 PM

come back to the uk for a big arena tour.

Diane Tapolow-Robertson 08/02/13 2013 12:32:47 PM

Please come to Pittsburgh. I know that I sound like a teeny bopper, but I haven't seen a concert in over 20 years and your music lifts me up. I listen to your music every time I go into the hospital, every time I see doctors and while I am sick. I cannot go see you in Vegas because of my medical ailments. Please come to Pittsburgh.

Shelly MacDonald 08/12/13 2013 05:27:58 PM

I agree with "Kim from Canada" Please, please, please come to Western Canada, preferably Vancouver, BC !!!!

Donna Eaton Gilbert 08/20/13 2013 08:51:59 AM

We would love to see you in Honolulu Hawaii. Loved the Vegas concert.

malldog44 08/22/13 2013 12:25:08 AM


Alberto Falco Pascual 08/31/13 2013 04:12:01 PM

El concierto de Barcelona muy bueno.......hasta el proximo.

Larissa Dias 09/21/13 2013 10:49:26 PM


Tonya Obar 01/04/14 2014 01:48:49 AM

how bout alabama for a nice change!!!! I love def leppard with a passion!!never have got to see u guys! would love too!!!!!!!!!!!!by the way anyone no the release of living with def leppard ???? i want a copy!! its a must have! thanks