VIVA Hysteria! (2013)
Date Location Venue Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets
Las Vegas, Nevada The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Buy Tickets


Jamie Rhoades 11/12/12 2012 02:48:29 PM


Tami Stockton 11/12/12 2012 11:27:00 PM


defleppard7 11/15/12 2012 01:07:01 PM

pls come to Serbia. Rock On

Jane Schmitz 11/24/12 2012 08:23:49 AM

No Europe Tour :(((( sad....only USA

Vinni Falkenberg 12/01/12 2012 11:32:24 AM

pls come back to Prague and bring back the 80's rock n roll era here :P

Павел Шилкин 12/01/12 2012 11:52:10 PM

Europe and Russia are waiting for you !

Mariana Campos 12/05/12 2012 07:52:01 PM

And portugaal????!!!! Fans NEED the Def Leppard in Europe! Please!!!

mildosse 12/06/12 2012 01:56:25 PM

When will u come in Europe? Lithuania already miss you...

TammyKay 12/09/12 2012 06:41:20 PM

Why are you only touring in Vegas, how about Iowa or Missouri. Or even Okinawa Japan, my daughter and her husband just got statioed there. I've been wanting to see you guys but something always comes up and don't have the money. I love to watch Rick play, he is amazing.

defpl 12/13/12 2012 11:20:05 PM

Poland is waiting for Def Leppard

Bryan Newport 12/19/12 2012 06:38:09 AM

i wish they would come two ATL. iv never been to a concert and i would love to go to a def leppard!!!

Vinnie Tyce 12/30/12 2012 09:28:08 PM

when are you guys coming to ireland the last time i had see you guys was way back in 96

michellelynn 01/03/13 2013 08:25:49 PM

We see def leppard everyyear when they come to riverbend cant wait to find out when they will be back and who will be playing with them it was absolutely sweet when they played with heart last year

penguin17 01/05/13 2013 07:15:57 AM

Yup. I'm there. March 29th!!!

Swfcgreg 01/07/13 2013 08:52:53 PM

Get yourselves back to you're home town. We all miss you. PS the owls are better than the blades haha

Lady Julie1 01/14/13 2013 07:06:32 PM

Please come to S.Carolina !You Guys Are Awesome Live!! I Love You Guys :-)

gr8band 01/14/13 2013 07:31:09 PM

when are they coming back to cincinnati, ohio?

Kimberley A Smith-Cooper 01/18/13 2013 03:35:15 PM



Jims78 01/20/13 2013 11:06:56 PM

Gotta come through Texas again !!!! Rumor is that you are recreating a studio album to be released on iTunes. Is this true?

Orange Skullz 01/20/13 2013 11:59:28 PM

PLEASE keep the meet-n-greets available for a summer tour !!!!

marcin 01/22/13 2013 10:05:48 PM

Please com to Poland. Two milion Fans Need Def Leppard !

Kimberly O'Hara-Crittenden 01/25/13 2013 09:26:18 AM

When are you guys coming to Michigan?!?!

sheffield_guitarhero08 01/25/13 2013 07:07:58 PM

Thats awesome!!
How about a homecoming gig back in the steel city of sheffield?!!

Rock On!

Luisa Gatti 02/01/13 2013 07:38:14 PM

A petition is going around to have DEF LEPPARD return to Montreal and bring their VIVA HYSTERIA TOUR at CENTRE BELL !



thnxks :)

Scarlett Lopez 02/03/13 2013 03:03:23 AM

Please Come to Charlotte,NC Soon!

Linda Wallace 02/04/13 2013 01:42:39 AM

please come back to nasville,tn. i was hospitalized when u was here before. i have always loved your band.

Copperhead2000 02/08/13 2013 05:41:49 PM

Damn Not even goin to any other states

Shelly Lacefield Sullivan 02/14/13 2013 01:46:16 AM

come on guys and post that summer schedule...need you back in the Louisville, KY area pronto speed!!

angusj 02/15/13 2013 11:43:09 PM

Please come to NZ.......

Patrick Brent Owen 02/16/13 2013 01:50:58 AM

well I hope to get to atlest one of the shows but here some good ideas on future shows and tours.

euro tour with there band best from 80's area
def leppard

so you have irish english and german covered. this tour would sell out major places and i would love to see it.

also would love to see the return of spring summer tours with 3 bads at triple A baseball parks and fairs. maybe
def leppard with night ranger
def leppard with U2
or Def Leppard with Lenny Kravistz

John van Luijk 02/16/13 2013 05:35:00 AM

and Belgium!!!Graspop!!!!!

Michele Huttenga Schipper 02/16/13 2013 05:15:15 PM

GR Michigan wants you back!!!!!!! Stop by on your way back from LV!!!!

Shortstuff60 02/19/13 2013 04:32:38 AM

I am glad the boys are back ! That said what is all the hoopla Over
Vegas ? A few dates I can see but does this mean they are selling
out and becoming a Vegas Act? It would be nice to know that you
could travel to one place and see your favorite band ! But there
is something to be said for traveling along with the band on the
open road to experience that is to experience real life !
Lets hope for another successful world tour and then a long break
for the band and fans alike , we all could use some fresh new music
on the open airwaves !

eddiedisciple 02/20/13 2013 11:49:32 AM

Hello guys, i'm new (on the site), but a Hard-Rock Metal lover from a long time...I have a question:

- When can i see Def Leppaed in Portugal???

Please, do your best to come..we are the sunniest country in all Europe...and you know it!

Rock on!!


DefLeppardfanxo 02/21/13 2013 01:59:34 AM

Come to Canada!!!

diehardfanfromnorway 02/22/13 2013 09:54:05 PM

Guys PLEEEEAAASE come to Norway !!!!!! Love ur music!!

Rakshen 02/25/13 2013 05:15:54 PM

Come back to Nashville!

eddiedisciple 02/28/13 2013 06:00:36 PM

Hello there, it's me again!!!

So you're coming to Spain? So portugal it's not so far...come on guys, lots of people is waiting for you!!

Rock On


StevenOstrander10 03/20/13 2013 02:05:02 AM

Wish I could make it. Sucks the tour is on during spring semester. Hopefully they get a state tour soon!! Huge Fan, have a blast to whoever has tickets!

Ove Sletvold 03/21/13 2013 11:32:48 AM

Do you have any plans for a Europian tour in 2013-2014? In Scandinavia?

Crippled Plaything 03/24/13 2013 01:39:15 AM

come back to Argentina guys !!!!

midchar granma 03/26/13 2013 04:01:50 PM

was at a different concert last night in Canada. during break between performers, a rather large group of young ladies commented about the last concert def leppard did in this venue (mts centre). for about 10 minutes I heard praises from the girls (especially about this leads looks and stage presence) and had to comment. love to see you guys back in the peg.

Shortstuff60 04/22/13 2013 03:52:08 AM

Wishing I could have been there in Vegas but some dates closer
to KY would be great !! hint hint Joe

James Ruma 07/31/13 2013 04:30:12 AM

Please let me know if you guys ever come to St. Louis, MO U.S.A. Or if you ever do another like you did on The Crossroads!!!! I still listen to you guys every night and have since I was born, my mom got me hooked on you guys back in the 80s and am still hooked!! DefLeppard Fan For Life!!!!

Lets get rocked!!!!

Becky Snow McCready 08/02/13 2013 01:08:13 AM

Can you guys please come back to Charlotte, NC? My husband and I have been die-hard fans of your band growing up and now our daughter is too. We brought her to your concert in Charlotte last year (8/11/12) when she was 17 and she had a blast. She is still talking about watching your show again and I would love to be able to attend another concert with her and my husband in Charlotte sometime soon. Also, if its not too much to ask, we would like you to bring another 80's rock band or two like you did with Poison & Lita Ford. Rock On! Peace & Love!!!

joyce0517_2004 08/07/13 2013 04:23:45 PM

PLEASE come to nashua newhampshire Id love to see u guys again i saw you a several years ago in boston mass and had a blast hope to be able to see u again thanks

Rockinronnie 08/08/13 2013 07:58:44 PM

Please come back to columbus ohio!!!!! :)

helen 08/12/13 2013 07:51:49 PM

and Brazil??? Never???? :(

defroy 08/16/13 2013 11:58:29 AM

When you come to Oslo or nearby?

Jeddygirl 08/19/13 2013 08:19:42 AM

you MUST come back to Australia! we're all hanging out to see you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Corbin 08/19/13 2013 08:26:42 PM

come to Penticton, BC or Kelowna, Bc would love to see you again in concert!!!!!!

Joyce Silva 08/20/13 2013 06:34:37 PM

We are waiting for Def Leppard in Brazil in 2014.

Darkclouds 09/03/13 2013 05:03:17 AM

when will you come to Australia??!! :) we love you here!!

Gonzalo Ferrer 09/06/13 2013 11:05:25 PM

Anyone in NYC to go to the VIVA Hysteria?

catherine1997 09/08/13 2013 04:13:38 PM

Please come back to the UK and Ireland!!

Lucares Sebastian 09/12/13 2013 02:32:08 AM


Gabo´s Prefer Rock Band 09/24/13 2013 08:40:43 PM

Chile and South America are waiting to see you Live!!!
I hope you can plan a Tour to these latitudes soon!!!
Best Regards.

LukeTheFluke 09/25/13 2013 08:42:29 AM

My girlfriend and I would love to see you guys. Just missed you in Vegas, and again in Calgary :( We are kicking ourselves for not quitting our jobs to go! Everyone needs money! Please come to BC! We are in Prince George. Will travel to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Kelowna, Penticton etc, even Vegas! Best wishes to Vivian. Def Leppard for life!

spaja 10/13/13 2013 04:25:39 PM

Please come to Serbia or somewhere in eastern or central europe!

Alejandra Piinzon 10/15/13 2013 12:50:54 AM

Hey ! We are in Colombia waiting for Def Leppard ! :D
We want to see you !!!

Alejandra Piinzon 10/20/13 2013 10:11:02 PM


MarkRotherham 10/23/13 2013 05:42:07 PM

When are you coming home lads? Yorkshire still loves ya.

MarkRotherham 10/24/13 2013 11:41:30 AM

When are you coming home lads, Nigel Clough the new blades boss? seriously I would have thought they would want a manager who can get them out of trouble not in to more of the brown smelly stuff!!, get yourselves back to Sheffield its been too long!!

Ewa Kwiecień 10/25/13 2013 07:28:51 AM

When do you come to Poland. Waiting for you guys :)

Bojan Horvat 10/27/13 2013 01:09:30 PM

Souther part of Europe is waiting for DL.

Andi66 10/29/13 2013 08:21:20 AM

We expect you in ROMANIA ... you will be surprised how many fans you have here. VIVA Hysteria!!!

kathygparker 11/22/13 2013 05:46:43 PM

First saw Def Leppard in October 1988, one of the last concerts in the Salt Palace. Won backstage passes, got to meet the band, but no autographs or pictures. You were, and are still AWESOME!!!!!!! I have seen you 3 times at USANA, with Heart, with Poison & Lita Ford. Can't wait for you to come back to SALT LAKE CITY. Next time I will get VIP if I have to sell my car, or whatever.

Laura Helena Paz 12/12/13 2013 04:59:28 AM

plz come to porto alegre, rs - brazil <3 <3

Tiina Linna 12/13/13 2013 05:44:16 PM

One European tour, please!! We waiting for You here in Finland!!!

Kimberly Robbie 12/29/13 2013 11:00:57 PM

Reminiscing my VIVA Hysteria adventure via DVD on this snowy, cold Sunday in Edmonton AB Canada! We love you here!!

missnikki 01/10/14 2014 07:51:29 AM

Please come back to Australia. Plllleeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeee

Nadia Dias 02/19/14 2014 05:54:56 PM

Pleeeeease come to PORTUGAL!