VeronicaLeppard 06/17/11 2011 07:27:26 AM

this is a very mysterious clip it I always liked)

MyDefLeppard 07/26/11 2011 08:27:19 AM

I love you guys so much! I hope I get to see you in September when you come to Tulsa, Oklahoma!
You guys still rock!

Kelly Barnett 08/28/11 2011 12:21:56 AM

I for one loved the remix version as much as the original, and everyone looked so excellent in this video, especially Steve! Still miss him!!

eli29 02/10/12 2012 01:54:42 AM

I hope you won't forget Montreal, Canada, on your tours date!! We can assure you to be the loudest crowed ever!

Def Lep. Torie 04/09/12 2012 04:13:23 AM

Joe is very good looking in this video.

passionfeast 08/03/12 2012 03:42:59 AM

A strange and unresolved video! But it is very visually appealing... and the song is so excellent for Joe's voice.

Geralynne Rader 03/03/14 2014 01:55:38 AM

Bringing on the heartbreak has always been my favorite songs. I have been listening to you guys since the late 70's. My birthday is 10/21/63. I watch a day of hysteria on TV an you guys still rock. I have always wondered what happened to Pete Willis, and if he continued to play after he left the band. I have to say in closing God bless Steve Clark and his family. His music will always be missed. From your #1 fan Strikergreg from Paradise California