Renee 10/15/11 2011 03:11:22 PM

LMFAOOO!! I love the part when they all pop up one by one at 3:37! Ahhh gotta love the 80's... AND the Guys!!! xoxo

Def Lep. Torie 03/17/12 2012 03:38:11 AM

This video got me to like Def Leppard and Joe Elliott. You are a very good looking guy!

passionfeast 07/25/12 2012 05:41:20 AM

Ok, this is the second video that has Joe shackled, and he has handcuffs in Photograph. Is Joe trying to tell us something???
THE quintessential video that helped, along with Photograph, break them big in America; don't miss this one!
trivia: it was Billy Idol's current girlfriend that is playing the harp!

Erika Nagel 08/01/12 2012 01:08:45 AM

Haha, "Is Joe trying to tell us something?" I WISH! lol!