Lilpaws 09/10/11 2011 02:52:20 AM

<3 If the dream you dream ain't what it seems <3
<3 <3 <3 Just look into my eyes <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 You won't ever have to say goodbye <3 <3

Robyn Batary 09/22/11 2011 07:56:50 AM

I listened to this album over and over during my recovery. I was badly addicted to pain medication for 17 yrs. off and on. When I finally went for help I was in really bad shape. This album(Euphoria) had just come out and being a fan I picked it up. I never knew what a huge roll it would play in my life. It got me through the worst days and now that I've been clean for about 11 years, it still and always will hold a place in my heart. Out of 5 stars...I give it a 10!!
Thanks for ALL you music, but especially for "Euphoria".
A loyal fan forever,
Robyn Batary

boss71 10/15/11 2011 04:11:08 AM

I just got married on Sept. 30/11. and this was our wedding song.

passionfeast 07/29/12 2012 05:32:06 PM

I think I am probably too bitter, cynical and burned to post on the words to this... ; but it is a beautiful song.
I like Joe's 40's crooner look;

Roxanna Baker Thedford 03/13/13 2013 09:00:26 AM

I adore this song. I wish my hubby would play it for me, sing it to me, something. Truly beautiful and from the heart.