from the debut album ON THROUGH THE NIGHT


kissofecstacy09 10/19/11 2011 10:52:16 PM

I love this song!!!!

goodrich06 07/03/12 2012 07:10:48 PM

yes i really like this song a lot too..i wish they would play it live some time!! Why is Rick Allen's drum set in the from for this video?

passionfeast 07/25/12 2012 04:25:43 AM

I love this video... I always loved Joe with his brown curls... I wish he wore his hair curly now. Leo's look so good with a big mane of hair! I love the music for this... the hard driving, kick ass music has always been something I look for in a Def Leppard song, and this one shows how terrific they were even in the very beginning. Rock On, Leppard...... forever!