RedRocket 06/23/11 2011 12:33:59 AM

I could be listening to this song forever, it's so beautiful, I love it!

leppardlady64 08/11/11 2011 10:06:42 PM

Hysteria will always be one of my fave Lepp songs and is very special to me. It was the last song I watched them play last night before I left their show in st louis. I am now battling cancer and hope I see them again next year when they tour. love them lots!!

Michelle Ritcheson Chastain 09/06/11 2011 02:13:09 PM

this song is very special to the Newport, ARkansas CLass of 1988.. It was our Class song.... And it has a very special place in all our hearts.

Kobe Escario 09/08/11 2011 09:26:47 PM

Def Leppard just makes awesome songs

Stacey A Stephens Lenington 09/12/11 2011 12:53:15 AM

My All time fav!!!

Ron illinois 12/24/11 2011 03:39:53 AM

Awesome song! It gets me going!

ilove2rock 03/09/12 2012 12:23:35 AM

Love this song! Please come back to Ohio!

Windy25 09/18/12 2012 04:18:04 AM

I love this song!! When Hysteria came out I'd listen to it over & over! Cried when I heard you play it this year in Lampe, MO! Will always love you guys! Fan for life!

Jose Hernandez Garcia 11/18/12 2012 05:40:51 AM