Angela Haggbe Costanza-Wallace 06/23/11 2011 05:30:49 AM

I SOOOO Love this video!!!!!

Kathie Lanoue 07/28/11 2011 04:15:29 AM

I know exactly how it feels.

citygirl38 07/30/11 2011 05:48:41 PM

Just love this one! Great shots of all the guys and the song is so amazing! Definitely one of their best.

dmd9163 07/30/11 2011 08:41:14 PM

luv this song...and video! One of their best!

Leapyear64 07/31/11 2011 01:48:22 AM

Another super ballad. I think it's my new favorite one.

Julesheart 08/02/11 2011 06:13:12 AM

I really love this touches me deep inside.

rebekah23 08/17/11 2011 12:03:04 AM

awesome video I haven't seen any of them in a while and it was awesome

Lilpaws 09/10/11 2011 02:34:20 AM

<3 <3 <3 And even though I feel the pain <3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3 I know that I will love again <3 <3 <3
<3 The time will come, oh, and I'll move on <3

Michelle P. 01/25/12 2012 04:28:39 PM

I've always loved the song. First time seeing the video. I love it and like Kathie knows exactly how it feels! Finally thought I was over him and he came back into my life...

1deflepfan 01/27/12 2012 07:34:04 PM

frist time I had seen this video-I love it!!

Kriss Leigh 02/05/12 2012 10:42:55 PM

I remember I must have been 14 when I first heard this song- my dad bought the album and loved it so much he played it all the time. This was one of the songs that really motivated me to start writing more songs myself- such inspirational lyrics and incredible structure..."We always were the better part of me"...Great line! Such wonderful musicians. Love them! Always have.

SAVSGIRL4EVER 02/16/12 2012 05:50:05 PM

This is one of my favorite songs. And it is so true.Love you guys
Can't wait to see you this summer!!

biancajd 03/27/12 2012 01:21:58 AM

Perfect! Wonderful Music!
God bless!My favorite song.

Def Lep. Torie 05/22/12 2012 06:41:27 AM

This is a very beautiful song, it's one of my favorite songs. Joe you create wonderful songs. I think you are very HOT!!!

defleppard@1969 05/30/12 2012 06:03:35 AM

this song is soo beautiful i love it , it reminds me of someone very special to me you guys rock n joe your awsome great songs love them

passionfeast 07/29/12 2012 03:50:38 AM

This is such a sensual video... I love the "look" of it and how well it brings the song to life. I watch this one over and over.

Angela Mayfield 09/02/12 2012 12:13:19 AM

awesome!!! wow!!! beautiful once again!!! and the close up Rick Allen and that SMILE! and Sav playing stand up bass at one point ! yes!!

pplayton 02/13/13 2013 11:21:29 PM

Can't wait to see these guys in Vegas!!