Def Lep. Torie 04/14/12 2012 07:51:44 AM

I like the way Joe sings in this video, he is very cute and I like the way his hair is, to his shoulders and he has bangs, keep it that way.

patrickwaynem 07/16/12 2012 11:15:58 PM


luvmyroyal 07/25/12 2012 11:44:07 PM

I will always love Def Leppard!! Can't wait to see them in Charlotte, NC (again, 4th time) August 11, 2012!! 8 rows back, Baby!!

MissKathy45 12/02/12 2012 05:19:51 AM

Twenty something years later still one of my all time favorite songs ... Joe and the boys ROCK!!!

Little Jan 09/11/13 2013 08:23:50 PM

What a power!:) This song fires me up :)