Mandy McMullin 06/27/11 2011 09:20:08 PM

love it

Leapyear64 08/23/11 2011 12:11:45 AM

Great song! I like the clip at the end of the song. You can tell by the passion in their music that they truely believe " This is Heaven on Earth"

Def Lep. Torie 04/14/12 2012 08:04:51 AM

I love this song, I love everything you say in the song. It is very passionate.

passionfeast 08/03/12 2012 05:53:02 AM

Joe says "This is heaven on earth, it really is"; I am so glad, Joe, we are in heaven with you, even if it is only for four minutes at a time. Thank you for beautiful music like this video contains.

Roxanna Baker Thedford 03/13/13 2013 08:49:02 AM

Another fave! Love the part "moving to the rhythm of your heartbeat"