Adrenalize76 07/09/11 2011 09:18:57 AM

Awesome !!!!!

Kelly Barnett 08/28/11 2011 12:07:54 AM

Always thought this song would be a perfect match for a "Children Of The Corn" type video!

Mary Ann Thompson 09/26/11 2011 02:33:14 AM

incredible, brings back lots of old memories, love ya guys

Andrew60 04/24/12 2012 02:42:55 AM

it is the best song ever

passionfeast 07/29/12 2012 03:48:25 AM

Great song, good video.

ILuvtheLep 01/09/13 2013 03:50:57 AM

My favorite song by my favorite band. I loved when this video would come on MTV back in the day! I wish they play this more live.

raernst11 02/08/13 2013 10:13:18 PM

Definitely one of my favorite songs from "Pyromania" :)