Leapyear64 09/29/11 2011 10:43:54 PM

I'm upset that I can't watch the video for Two Steps Behind. The song is kind of special to me because when we were at the concert in Scranton, Pa., my husband sang it to me but instead of saying he's Two Steps Behind me, he said he's two steps ahead of me. Since he's a foot taller than me, I'm always trying to keep up or catch up to him!

passionfeast 08/11/12 2012 06:42:58 PM

This is such a terrific song; hopefully they can find another account to link this to. I would love to see it.

Kellie Trentham 03/25/14 2014 02:41:03 AM

I love everything the guys has ever came out with! But I do have to say this is my favorite song!