Joe Elliott Let’s Get Rocked Playlist (Vol. 2)

Did you know Joe Elliott has his own show on Planet Rock Radio every week? You can expect to hear mighty fine rock along with some of the most influential tracks around. Each month we’ll publish a recap of Joe’s playlists, so you can listen along to some of his favorite tracks!


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Joe Elliott Remembers Tom Petty

“I can’t say I knew Tom, although I did meet him twice, once to get his autograph backstage after I saw him open for Nils Lofgren at the Sheffield City Hall in 1978, and in a bowling alley of all places in 1983 when Def Leppard & Tom happened to be in the same town on the same night, but I’m incredibly saddened by the news of Tom Petty’s passing. I love that 1st album (that’s what he signed for me!), always have, always will, but I have to add that Full Moon Fever was played on an almost daily basis when Leppard were writing & recording the Adrenalize album. Through his work with the Heartbreakers and The Traveling Wilburys he’s left us with an incredible legacy to enjoy forever, it’s such a shame he has left us way before his time.

RIP Tom, safe travels into the Great Wide Open…”
– Joe Elliott