Exclusive: Def Leppard’s entire catalog to stream beginning Friday

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Exclusive: Def Leppard’s entire catalog to stream beginning Friday

Def Leppard has finally given Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon and seven other digital music platforms  the OK to Pour Some Sugar on listeners: The British hard rock act’s entire catalog will be available to stream on Friday.

What took them so long?

For one, streaming hadn’t yet been invented  when they signed their last record deal, and two, they weren’t hurting for money.

Thanks to non-stop touring and steady sales of their back catalog over the course of the last decade, singer Joe Elliott says, “We were doing OK and we weren’t really missing anything.“

Plus, Elliott, 58, and his bandmates also wanted to wait out “the digital streaming thing” a little and get a better sense of whether the business model was here to stay or a short-term fad. (He notes that Def Leppard were also iTunes holdouts who didn’t put any of their tracks online until their first live album, 2011’s Mirror Ball.)



Via Rolling Stone: Def Leppard Explain Why They Finally Embraced Streaming

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Def Leppard Explain Why They Finally Embraced Streaming
“We weren’t going to be victims of the industry,” singer Joe Elliott says

For years, Def Leppard were well situated among the ranks of Garth Brooks and Tool as holdouts on streaming services – artists with large, multiplatinum catalogues that still didn’t feel comfortable with the pros and cons of subscription-based music schemes. The hard rockers had long been at war with their label, Universal, about the topic, even recording self-described “forgeries” of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” and “Rock of Ages” that were self-released so they would earn what they considered a fair wage. “We just sent [the label] a letter saying, ‘No matter what you want, you are going to get “no” as an answer, so don’t ask,'” Elliott said in 2012.

But things have changed. Beginning Friday, fans can stream all of the band’s major releases, going back to their 1979 debut, The Def Leppard E.P., on all major streaming services. “We needed the right deal for the band,” frontman Joe Elliott tells Rolling Stone. “We weren’t going to be victims of the industry. We signed our deal with Mercury many, many decades ago when there was no digital part of the record deal. So when [our contract ended] in 2009, we were free to do whatever we wanted to do. We were so busy touring and not worrying about the back catalogue – because people were still buying CDs – that we weren’t sure about [embracing] streaming.”

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New Tours + Stream and Download Entire Catalog Now

Do you believe it? Def Leppard’s full catalog of Diamond, Platinum & Multi-Platinum iconic albums is available to stream and download for the first time EVER globally!

Tune in TODAY, January 19 at 2:45pm EST for the global listening party with Joe & Phil.


One of the last multi-platinum selling acts to be made available on streaming and download, music fans from all corners of the globe can now enjoy all of Def Leppard’s tracks and albums.

Said Joe Elliott, “It is with a mixture of relief & euphoria that we now see our entire catalog finally getting a digital release. Having embraced every other format with open arms, especially & more recently the reemergence of vinyl, we’re now going to be available to everyone everywhere and honestly, it’s as exciting as the original releases were.”

 Added Rick Savage, “Finally the wait is over! Our music is now available on all digital formats. Very excited. Thanks for your patience and continued support.”

 Phil Collen also said, “We felt we’d been left out of the digital party but it’s a thrill to us to finally accept the invitation and to be able to say ‘yeah, you can stream us, download us and get us great on all of these digital outlets’.”

In conjunction with the release of their catalog, Def Leppard also announced they will embark on a massive co-headlining tour with JOURNEY. Comprised of stadiums and arena venues around the U.S., the 6-month run is set to kick off in Hartford, CT on May 21st and will wrap in Los Angeles, CA on October 6th.

Tickets go on sale starting Saturday, February 3. Stay tuned for further ticket info.

Def Leppard x Journey


Late 2018 will see the band deliver what many UK and Eire fans have been waiting for – the “HYSTERIA” album performed in full plus other Def Leppard hits across eleven arena dates in December 2018 with special guest CHEAP TRICK!

Rick “Sav” Savage says, “After many requests from fans in the U.K, I’m delighted that we can bring the whole “Hysteria” album to arenas across Britain and Ireland later this year. From ‘Women’ to ‘Love and Affection’ plus many other faves thrown in for good measure. Oh, and our old pals Cheap Trick will be there also to help with the celebrations!! We can’t wait’.

Tickets for the monumental event will go on sale beginning Friday, 26 January at 9AM local. Rock Brigade Concert Club exclusive pre-sale & VIP Packages on sale January 24.

Def Leppard Hysteria Tour

These will be the first Def Leppard UK and Eire tour dates since the sold-out Arena run in late 2015. The band will return to Sheffield Arena for what is sure to be a monumental homecoming show, in addition to their first ever show at The O2, London.

The seminal 1987 “Hysteria” album is rightly seen as a landmark recording in the history of rock music. It was the album that saw Def Leppard conquer the world with global hits such as “Animal”, “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, “Hysteria”, “Armageddon It”, “Love Bites”, “Woman” and “Rocket”. The band will deliver “Hysteria” in full alongside other songs from their incredible catalogue.




Apple/iTunes: https://DefLeppard.lnk.to/itunesapple

Spotify: https://UMe.lnk.to/DefLeppardDigital/spotify

Amazon: https://UMe.lnk.to/DefLeppardDigital/Amazon

Deezer: https://UMe.lnk.to/DefLeppardDigital/Deezer

Pandora: https://UMe.lnk.to/DefLeppardDigital/pandora








Joe Satraini G3 Tour with Phil Collen Kicks Off Today

Joe Satriani’s G3 tour with Phil Collen & John Petrucci starts today in Seattle! The guys were featured in an awesome USA Today story here.

Satriani played in an early 1980s band called the Squares that sounded a bit like Green Day or Blink 182 but a decade before those bands became popular.

“We were kind of like Van Halen meets the Everly Brothers, which is probably why we weren’t that successful,” Satriani said.

Satriani said he lucked out when he began his solo career in that no one remembered he was “Joe from the Squares” by the time he released Surfing With the Alien in 1987.

The native New Yorker also spent a large part of the 1980s as a guitar teacher to supplement his then-meager musical earnings in his adopted home of San Francisco. While many of his pupils, including Steve Vai, formerly of David Lee Roth’s band and Whitesnake, and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, have gone on to play in front of arena-filled crowds, Satriani settles for more modest venues, usually with 5,000 or fewer seats.

“If you’re just playing instrumental, it cuts off a big chunk of your audience,” Collen said. “But the key to it, is it’s about the songs. I’ve played in front of four people. With Def Leppard, we played in Rio in the mid-90s, and no one showed up. This is Def Leppard, and we had like 100 people there. And we went on like we were playing in a packed, Wembley Stadium. There’s no shame in playing if you’re doing your own thing.”

Satriani has created a niche audience for himself, and it’s one Z.Z. Satriani documented on film after, at first, professionally separating himself from his father.

“I really wanted to do my own thing instead of being in the shadow,” said Z.Z. Satriani, who is an avid skateboarder and filmmaker. “So I was doing my own thing for a while, and he approached me with this idea. I didn’t feel like I needed to make my own name anymore. I was like, ‘Yes, let’s work together.’”

Follow Phil on Instagram here for more updates from the road!

Seattle, WA. Pikes St. About to kick off the G3 tour tomorrow.

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Phil Collen’s Delta Deep Releases New Video “Black Coffee”

Delta Deep are getting ready to follow up its self-titled debut with East Coast Live, a chronicle of their 2016 tour — and fans can get an exclusive early peek at the CD/DVD package right here.

As guitarist Phil Collen explains in a press release, the album was recorded during one stop on the band’s itinerary — one that happened to land on Daryl Hall’s property. The result was a set that captured a moment now preserved for audiovisual posterity.

“We recorded every night of our 2016 tours, east and west coast, expecting to pull out the best performances from different cities. But we managed to capture one of those special, magical nights where all the stars fall into place in Pawling, N.Y., at Daryl’s House. This whole album was recorded that night. It was so relaxed but we were so on fire at the same,” says Collen. “The intention was never to have a DVD addition to the cd but seeing the performances live and the fact that Daryl’s House also video records its shows was an added bonus for us.”

Available everywhere 1/26

Click HERE to preorder