New Content in the Leppard Vault 🤘

🚨New Vault Content Alert🚨

New in the Def Leppard Vault: On and off the stage from the 1980s 🤘

Check out the “All I’ve Got Is A Photograph” and “On The Road” collections on 👉The Leppard Vault to explore the new artifacts.

A Def Leppard Valentine’s!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Def Leppard! ❤️

Have a very Leppard Valentine’s with these Valentine’s cards for you and your loved ones!

Crank up the love tunes with the official Def Leppard Love Bites playlist – including fan-picked Leppard love songs!

Which is your favorite?

Rick Allen’s Curated Collection: From Hits Vegas Live 2020 🌟

Just Released – Rick Allen’s Curated Collection: From Hits Vegas Live 2020 🌟

Rick Allen’s personally curated Thematic Artist Collection is now live – featuring Die Hard The Hunter, Paper Sun, Billy’s Got A Gun – and more! 🥁

Click HERE to crank it up TODAY 🎧

Introducing: Thematic Artist Collections with Joe’s Curated “Electric Warriors”

Rock rock, ’til you drop!

Introducing: Def Leppard Thematic Artist Collections – a weekly series of playlists personally curated by Joe, Rick, Sav, Phil, and Viv 🤘 The compilations are launching across platforms today and continuing every Friday through April 9. Stay tuned for a very special playlist courtesy of Rick Allen next week.

Kicking off the series – the hyper-charged ⚡️“Electric Warriors”⚡️, assembled by Joe. This Collection includes Gotcha Rocks Off, Desert Song, Paper Sun, and more! ▶️Click HERE to listen.

Steve Clark Trunk and Photo Prints – Leppard Vault

Last week, Steve Clark’s Trunk Collection opened on the Def Leppard Vault – including useful items, favorite collections, photos, and sentimental objects.

Head to to explore the photos, artifacts, and stories in the STEVE CLARK COLLECTION 🤘

Celebrate Steve Clark’s legacy with three photo prints from the Leppard Vault – available for purchase exclusively in the Vault for a limited time until this Friday February 5th.

Join Rick Allen in the Big Love Benefit Concert!

TOMORROW NIGHT -Join Rick Allen in the Big Love Benefit Concert! You can help concert crews with a simple ticket purchase! ✌️ 🙏


The webcast is this Saturday at 6pm PT (9pm ET) and all proceeds go to support the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund which supports Music Entertainment Professionals in need.


Click HERE to get your tickets!


Step Inside, Walk this way…

The Def Leppard Vault is now open!

The Def Leppard Vault is unlocked – click HERE to sign up, create your VIP profile, and EXPLORE the band’s private collection!

For the first time ever, Def Leppard has come together to share their personal collections of band artifacts including personal memorabilia, gear, letters, clothes, art, and more. The Def Leppard Vault will serve as a constantly curated museum including special installations, where fans can gather to see the band’s history from 1977 to now.  Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil and Viv will also be recording stories and memories & will be sharing in tandem with the historic collection.

“We are excited for you to see what we have found so far! We will be adding more content, more stories and more exclusive items for you to collect in the days, weeks and months to come. Stay tuned for more information on content coming to the Vault!


-Joe, Sav, Rick, Phil and Viv

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