Joe Elliott’s – All Time Favorite Songs Featured on DB’s Finestkind Playlists

Legendary British A&R Manager David Bates presents an ever-expanding collection of exquisitely curated playlists which Joe recently created his list of his 100 All Time Favorite Songs! 

Listen now: HERE

From Joe:

“David Bates (DB) is famous in the industry for discovering & championing new talent. His signings are legendary, including Def Leppard. He used to make CDs of all the music he loved for each year & send them to you for Christmas, db’s finestkind.  To be on this list either as an artist or as recipient was an honour. We all looked forward to db’s finestkind. Eclectic and rewarding, they are always a deep dive into 12 months of releases. Now he’s made a web site.”

“Anyway he’s asked some people to curate their guest list “all time 100 Songs”. Obviously this is invidious for anyone, let alone a maker of music. Taste is fluid and fickle. But this is heart on my sleeve the songs that made me. That sustain me.  Some cheese in there, some cliches, some well worn classics. You won’t find anything to make me look cool”

“Some you’ll like. Some hate. Some be confused by. Maybe. But have a listen. 

And click to like and follow db’s finestkind on Spotify. PLEASE!  Spotify – db’s finestkind  I said I’d get him more followers! Music is my way of entering the world. Here’s my musical world (so far) compressed to 100 tracks” ❤️ 😎🎤👍

Joe Elliott Talks Fanny’s Influence in New Doc – FANNY: The Right to Rock

Catch Joe Elliott in the new trailer for FANNY: The Right to Rock:

Joe Elliott, Bonnie Raitt, Cherie Currie Talk Fanny’s Influence in New Doc

Fanny: The Right to Rock captures the story of the legendary all-women band — and the barriers they broke. Read all about it on Rolling Stone.

World Premiere on April 29 at Hot Docs International Film Festival in Toronto. Tickets can be purchased here.

FANNY: The Right to Rock

Streaming with closed captions Persister: Women speaking up and being heard Sometime in the 1960s, in sunny Sacramento, two Filipina-American sisters got together to play music. Little did they know their garage rock band would evolve into the legendary Fanny, the first all-woman band to release an LP with a major record label. Despite recording a handful of albums and amassing a dedicated fan base that included music legend David Bowie, the band all but disappeared from the records of music history. This documentary not only tells the story of the band’s rocking past, but also documents its next chapter: now in their 60s, the bandmates are recording a new album. The film includes interviews with a large cadre of music icons, including Bonnie Raitt, Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and the Go-Go’s Kathy Valentine. Fighting early barriers of race, gender and sexuality in the music industry, the women of Fanny are ready to take their place in the halls of rock ‘n’ roll fame.


Greetings music lovers – and welcome back to Joe Elliott’s Songs from the Vault show on SiriusXM’s Deep Tracks channel. 

In the March 2021 hour’s show, Joe highlights and tells stories about some of his favourite songs and artists from his own personal collection.

March’s Show features music and stories from Alice Cooper, Queen, Aersomith, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, Motörhead, and more..

WHO: Def Leppard frontman, musician, and musicologist Joe Elliott

WHAT: Joe Elliott’s Songs from the Vault 

WHERE: SiriusXM’s DeepTracks (Ch. 27) 

WHEN: Show Schedule HERE


In his youth, Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott was creatively influenced by the music of the late 60’s and early 70’s. From legendary acts like T. Rex, Mott The Hoople, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and so many others. Each month, listen to Elliott play “Deep Tracks” from his personal music collection. Expect to hear songs from Joe’s vault and some of the stories behind them.

Introducing: Thematic Artist Collections with Joe’s Curated “Electric Warriors”

Rock rock, ’til you drop!

Introducing: Def Leppard Thematic Artist Collections – a weekly series of playlists personally curated by Joe, Rick, Sav, Phil, and Viv 🤘 The compilations are launching across platforms today and continuing every Friday through April 9. Stay tuned for a very special playlist courtesy of Rick Allen next week.

Kicking off the series – the hyper-charged ⚡️“Electric Warriors”⚡️, assembled by Joe. This Collection includes Gotcha Rocks Off, Desert Song, Paper Sun, and more! ▶️Click HERE to listen.

Live Q&A with Joe Elliott

Chat and interact LIVE with Joe in Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp‘s live online events! 🤘

💥 Nov 28 | 12pm PST – Front Row Live Q&A hosted by 955KLOS
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💥 Dec 12 | 12pm EST – Q University Live Masterclass hosted by Q104.3 FM

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Joe Joins “A Bowie Celebration”

We’re thrilled to share that Joe will be taking part in Mike Garson’s

A Bowie Celebration: Just for one day!

The global livestream will feature many incredible artists and an astounding array of David Bowie’s band members from throughout the years – all coming together to celebrate Bowie and his important legacy. 

Join Joe on January 8 at 6PM PT for the livestream and rewatch as much as you’d like for 24 hours! Tickets available HERE

Front Row Live Q&A with Joe Elliott – Nov 28

⚠️ Just announced ⚠️

Chat and INTERACT LIVE with Joe on November 28 on FRONT ROW LIVE – a live online and interactive Q&A event presented by Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp and KLOS 95.5

This interactive live session will be done on Zoom and hosted by Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp.

Click HERE for tickets and more information.

A song and a message from Joe for John Lennon’s 80th birthday

A song and a message from Joe for John Lennon‘s 80th birthday:

“80 ?? … hmmm … dead at 40 …. Imagine …. what he might have done if he hadn’t so cruelly been taken away from us all. We recorded our 1st album in his old house back in 1979 … you don’t forget things like that, you don’t forget people like John Lennon …”
-Joe Elliott

A Song from Joe for John Lennon

A song and a message from Joe for John Lennon's 80th birthday:"80 ?? … hmmm … dead at 40 …. Imagine …. what he might have done if he hadn’t so cruelly been taken away from us all. We recorded our 1st album in his old house back in 1979 … you don’t forget things like that, you don’t forget people like John Lennon …" -Joe Elliott#LENNON80

Posted by Def Leppard on Friday, October 9, 2020